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Staff Lead California Coastal Commission Entitlement Campaign

In 2013, I was the staff lead on the public and media relations campaign to win approval for the expansion of the convention center. Using a variety of tactics, including press conferences, rallies, public hearings, letters, and media advocacy, we were successful. Despite a staff recommendation to reject the expansion, the coastal commission unanimously supported the entitlement of the expansion.

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Press Conference Scripting

We hosted numerous press conferences during my tenure, on a variety of topics including sales results, expansion, and Comic-Con staying in San Diego. In each, I planned, organized, and executed the press conferences with support from my team. I scripted the president and CEO as well as the board chair who spoke at each.


Staff Lead & Alternate U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board

Between 2012-2016, Carol Wallace, president & CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation served President Barrack Obama on the Commerce Department's U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board. I provided staff support and served as an alternate. The TTAB issued a final set of recommendations to President Obama in 2012, 2014 & 2016.


Staff Lead | Mayor's Citizens Task Force on the San Diego Convention Center Expansion Project

In January 2009, Mayor Jerry Sanders launched a citizens task force to explore the expansion of the convention center. Comprised of 12 community leaders and stakeholder representatives from business, hospitality, labor, environment, and tourism the task force met over 9 months and in September 2009 issued a final report recommending expansion of the facility. I served as the staff lead to the task force and worked directly with the co-chairs, members, media, community, and elected officials.

Washington, DC 2016

Washington, DC 2016

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